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Residential Paving

I C Paving offers Drive way, Pool, Patio and Walkways paving to make a great first impression. Covering these areas with paving adds beauty to the home.

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Commercial Paving

Commercial paving includes paving of all public areas that includes semi-public areas such as complexes, holiday resorts, inner city, neighbourhoods and any area which supports a bigger than normal amount of traffic and people. Paving these areas assists greatly in the upkeep and maintenance of public areas and due to the nature of paving lasts for a very long time.

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Industrial Paving

Industrial paving is used in areas where the traffic volume is very high and also has to be able to handle the weight of large trucks and goods. The type of paving mainly used is interlocking pavers as their design allows for weight and volume without breaking apart. You would see industrial paving in areas like loading docks, intersections and large parking areas.

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We are also specialists in providing customers with both residential, commercial and industrial type asphalting (tar). Due to the fact that diversity of the use of asphalt differs from job to job, an assessment of the site will determine the specifications of the materials needed e.g. thickness and type of crusher run, thickness and type of asphalt mix, use of concrete curb stones etc. All asphalt projects are compacted with a Bomag industrial roller.

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